Toyota Mini Van Rollover Accident - New York Woman Dies in Roll-Over Accident on GWB

June 7, 2011
By Shane D. Scott on June 7, 2011 1:53 PM |

31039_rescue.jpgEarlier today another Toyota mini-van rolled over several times on the George Washington Bridge (GWB) causing the death of the female driver, Patricia Salcedo, 32, of New York City. Accident investigators have not yet determined what caused the Toyota mini-van to flip; however, according to officials, Ms Salcedo was heading westbound on the bridge in the Toyota minivan when it flipped.

Per a recent study, over 10,000 people are killed yearly as occupants in light vehicle rollovers, including 8,345 killed in single-vehicle rollovers. Eighty percent of the people who died in single-vehicle rollovers were not using a seat belt, and 64 percent were ejected from the vehicle (including 53 percent who were completely ejected). The study further shows that 55 percent of light vehicle occupant fatalities in single-vehicle crashes involved rollover. The proportion differs greatly by vehicle type: 46 percent of passenger car occupant fatalities in single-vehicle crashes involved rollover, compared to 63 percent for pickup trucks, 60 percent for vans, and 78 percent for sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

According to a New York vehicle rollover accident attorney, SUVs and minivans are perhaps the most unsafe vehicles on the road and they are prone to roll over because of their higher center of gravity and narrow wheelbase.